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Disclaimer: The techniques shown here are representative of the way that I work. I have highlighted certain Health and Safety points throughout but responsibility lies solely with the person who is carrying out the woodturning. Always adhere to safe working practices at all times. Remember the more fingers that you lose, the harder it becomes to turn wood!


High Quality Woodturning from the “Turner that turns heads”

1. This is the finished bowl it has a deep undercut rim with a pierced rim which has been dyed black.

2. The timber of choice is English Ash 9" x 3". Here the piece is shown with the 3" face plate ready to be screwed on to my Poolewood Euro 2000 lathe.

3. Here the back of the bowl is starting to be shaped. A 60mm spigot has been cut using a parting tool in preparation for the O'Donnell jaws.

4. The shape of back of the bowl is being finalised with the 1/2" bowl gouge.

Pierced Bowl Project Page 1

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