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Disclaimer: The techniques shown here are representative of the way that I work. I have highlighted certain Health and Safety points throughout but responsibility lies solely with the person who is carrying out the woodturning. Always adhere to safe working practices at all times. Remember the more fingers that you lose, the harder it becomes to turn wood!


High Quality Woodturning from the “Turner that turns heads”

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2. This is the blank with the bark still intact. Most of the bark had rotted to a white powder and hid a few surprises inside.

1. This bowl is made from Brown Oak; Oak that has been attacked by the Beef Steak fungus. The fungus does not harm the tree but it stains the wood brown.

3. In order for the screw chuck to sit securely on the top surface it is important to remove the bark and dead/loose wood. Here I am using the Lancelot chainsaw attachment in an angle grinder.


Brown Oak Burr Project Page 1

4. The surface doesn't have to be perfectly flat but the screw chuck must not wobble otherwise it could work its way loose and come out of the lathe!