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Disclaimer: The techniques shown here are representative of the way that I work. I have highlighted certain Health and Safety points throughout but responsibility lies solely with the person who is carrying out the woodturning. Always adhere to safe working practices at all times. Remember the more fingers that you lose, the harder it becomes to turn wood!


High Quality Woodturning from the “Turner that turns heads”

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Australian Burr Project Page 1

This is a large piece of Coolabah Burr from Australia. The finished items are always very striking and well worth the effort.

1. The piece of timber weighed 19.2Kgs and was 20" across at it widest point. I used a 6" face plate to mount the piece on the lathe.

2. The reverse side with the bark still intact. If the bark is loose I remove as much of the bark as possible otherwise it tends to fly off! In this case the bark was very tight so it was on with the face shield!

3. With speed of the lathe at about 350rpm the back is starting to be turned. WARNING! Keep all loose clothing out of the way of the natural edge; it could quite easily snatch any loose clothing, hair etc!