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High Quality Woodturning from the “Turner that turns heads”

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I have been woodturning since the summer of 2000. I started making pens and since then I have progressed to making wooden bowls, platters, candlesticks and many other items. I use a Poolewood Euro 2000 lathe for the larger work and an Axminster M330 for making pens and demonstrating at Craft shows.


I am always incorporating different materials and using different techniques to enhance my work. Hand carving also features in some of my work to take the design into another dimension without the restrictions of the lathe.


I also pay particular attention to the surface finish to achieve a beautiful and tactile result. I also believe in striving to attain the highest of standards in my workmanship, which is a principle that originates from my previous career as an aircraft engineer.


Here are some of the testimonials I have received. Commissions are always welcome.

About Me